AAT Engineering Solutions GmbH specializes in Mig, Arc and Spot Welding robotic systems and our engineers have been providing solutions in this field for 20 years.  Our engineers will design, manufacture and implement a system customized to your specific needs and budget.

Your Benefits:

  • Robotic welding can deliver faster and more accurate results capable of reducing your overall welding and fabrication costs
  • Our six-axis automated welding robots allow for a full range of motion for welding projects
  • Robotic welding yields much less waste than manual welding, due to the lower margin of error and precision welding capabilities
  • Robotic welding provides higher manufacturing efficiency, leading to more productivity and reduced costs

Our Services:

  • Provide you with the most cost effective solution.
  • Design, build & program a robotic system to meet your specifications
  • Train your employees on operation and maintenance of the system
  • Install the system into your facility
  • Provide after sales service and support for programming, floor coverage, preventative maintenance, repairs, etc